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The following are my core beliefs.  They are that which guide me in my role as educator, as educational leader, and as a member of society.  
  • Kindness and respect are integral to a climate that fosters learning for all.

  • Equity in education demands appropriate levels of challenge for 
    each child.
  • Cultural competence is critical to developing an awareness of implicit bias and the manner in which we interact with students, and their families to enhance greater understanding by all..  ​
  • The curiosity inherent in every child must be fostered and nurtured to ensure engagement and the habits of mind that lead to life-long learning.  

  • The arts are lasting expressions of human thought and emotion and as such are critical to the education of the whole child.   

  • Parents are our students’ first teachers and know their children’s learning styles and idiosyncrasies better than anyone else and as such are part of our team. 

  • The primary purpose of assessments is to determine the educational needs of each student and the appropriate means with which to insure individual growth. 

  • Professional growth demands feedback, input and dialog, all of which should be available through multiple sources.  

  • No one seeks feedback who feels risk in doing so. 

  • Involving students in tracking their own learning enables them to have a clear vision of what they are working towards and what they have accomplished, serving to motivate them further. 

  • The integration of brain based research in our school culture, climate and instruction will enable each student to progress farther. 

  • Teaching students how their brain helps or hinders their learning will provide them with the tools to affect their own learning and environment.  

  • Each of us is part of the whole and as such plays an integral role in the growth of our community.  

BS - Business Administration, Colby-Sawyer College
MBA - University of Connecticut
M.Ed. - Johnson State College
Ed.D - Educational Policy and Leadership, University of Vermont, Dissertation: Study on the Relationship between cumulative per pupil investment and student outcomes

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